Psychedelic Cosmo Funk | Österreich | Symbol für eine Maultrommel auf grünem Hintergrund

Takeshi's Cashew

Takeshi's Cashew Fri. 13:30 @ Teichbühne
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Highway, dancefloor, solitary beach - Takeshi's Cashew soundtrack every scenario. Wildly combined and arranged with flair. Somewhere between music school strivers and anarcho band, the six musicians test melodic and rhythmic boundaries. Lovely melodies, funny flutes, various percussion and selected old-fashioned synthesizers with a constant breeze of echo catapult the listeners back into the ideal hippie world, only to bring them back down to earth shortly afterwards. Their debut album "Humans In A Pool" (2021) will soon be followed by "Enter J's Chamber" (2023). On their second LP Takeshi’s Cashew mix groovy rhythms with electronic beats and 70`s psychedelic rock - recorded all analogue and shining in strong colours. What exactly is Psychedelic Cosmofunk all about? You have to see it live!

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