Tribal Psychedelic | Israel | Symbol für eine Maultrommel auf grünem Hintergrund


Treeboga Sun. 13:00 @ Chillville Bambusbühne
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Treeboga was born out of a vision of two musicians, Gabriel Kimchi (Didgeridoo) and Roy Brosh (drums), who produce music along with love for the sweeping rhythms of world music and strong influence of electronic psychedelic music styles. After years of playing together, they have succeeded in creating the world and the common language of both of them together and crystallizing the idea Behind the music.

The idea is to bring the sounds of nature as they are, the moments from the rituals of the tribes of the world, the ancient tribes rhythm and the dance, the stories of the Didgeridoo, poetry and spiritual trance. This project takes the ancient root sounds and connect them to the electronic world with the help of modern Synth and effects  which creates a unique hypnotizing atmosphere of a deep tribal psychedelic journey

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