Olena UUTAi. Jaw Harp & Voices

Kategorie: Instrumente & Stimme
 05.Aug |  14:30
 40€  |  50

In the program of the workshop: acquaintance with the basic voice practices and sound extraction techniques of the northern peoples; disclosure of natural voice; through the voice we will set up a connection with our Nature.

Workshop about unique techniques of playing "Khomus" (Jaw Harp).
Secrets of sound extraction on the most ancient instrument of the world - the jaw harp (maultrommel). Interesting clear theory and effective practice.
Correct setting of Jaw harp.
Basic techniques for playing the Jaw harp.
Fundamentals of improvisation.
Onomatopoeia of the Sounds of Nature by different techniques: “Jaw harp” and “Jaw harp + voice”.
The basics of meditation with a jaw harp.
Author's technique by Olena Uutai.

Musical meditation through the sounds of a jaw harp, a tambourine and throat singing. The ancient voice of the jaw harp purifies and awakens the inner light, the rhythms of the shaman's tambourine fill with strength and energy, the ancient ritual melodies bestow harmony and peace, connect with Mother Nature herself in a stream of deep vibrations. Return to roots.